What to Bring To Your First Family Law Appointment

Your first family law appointment can be daunting, but it is a good chance to obtain legal advice on your personal situation. We understand family issues are complex and you may not know what to bring to your first appointment, but this should not delay the decision to seek critical legal advice.

The important message is seek advice and seek it early.

Initial Appointment Form

Firstly, it can help if you provide us with certain information which you are able to us by an initial appointment form. Contact us here for an Initial Consultation.

Timeline and Questions

One thing you can do in preparing to see a lawyer for advice is to write a short timeline of the relevant events you would like to discuss. It can be helpful to be prepared with any specific questions or concerns that you want addressed.

This is a timeline of important events in your life including the dates and a description of the event. This gives a lawyer a snapshot of your relationship and can be used right throughout the process.

Relevant Documents

While having documents is not required for an initial appointment, it can be helpful to bring your marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates, any records, agreements, court orders, certificates, letters, emails or documents received from your spouse (or their solicitor) or other agencies, and tax returns, credit card, bank account or superannuation statements if they are easy to access.